• Is your Sod guaranteed?
    Yes. Our sod is 100% guaranteed and we are always available to answer questions. We believe in the product we sell.
  • Should I Sod or Seed?
    Sod! Our sod is the result of years of mowing, fertilizing, and watering whenever needed to get the sod lush and green; ready for your enjoyment. Plus sod is a much better investment– increasing the value of your new home by 10-15% almost overnight, not to mention the instant gratification that comes from sod.
  • What should I do to prepare for Sod?
    The area should be graded and free of rocks, branches, dirt clumps, and other debris. Have a water source ready in case we don’t have rain after installation. Purchase a high quality starter fertilizer for fast establishment of the roots.
  • Isn’t Sod a lot of work?
    It is true that sod requires an initial investment of a little work to install. Whether you do it yourself with some friends and family or have us install it for you, once it’s in, sod is ready for enjoyment. You can’t do that on a seeded lawn that is going to take lots of time to establish.
  • Do I need to be careful where I put Sod?
    Sod can be put anywhere seed can and a lot of times where seed can not be used. Sod is routinely used to prevent erosion of steep slopes, banks, and roadways where seed would surely wash away before being able to germinate.
  • When can Sod be installed?
    Sod can be installed anytime during the year that the ground is not frozen. Sod is installed in our area generally from April through the first of December. Seed, however, needs time to become established enough to give the young plant energy to survive the winter.
  • What kind of process does Final Touch Sod Farm use to create “quality” sod?
    We use years of turf experience, sound cultural control practices, minimal chemicals, and a quality control process to create beautiful healthy sod. We truly care about the product we sell and it shows.